Production Haus is passionate about innovation.

Your office space or individual desk is completely turnkey, as soon as you arrive, you can just plug in and get straight to work!

In addition to the plethora of modern furnishings throughout the entirety of the building, your space comes with an exclusive open invitation to partake in all of the available daily events and classes.

These classes include; a whole host of different fitness and wellbeing programs in our excellent studio facilities.
There is a multitude of motivational and professional development seminars available as well, from local and further traveled keynote and guest speakers.

We have also included: a member’s only fitness studio – full of the latest equipment and technologies – along with a qualified personal trainer.

Conference rooms and business amenities are available for booking out at any time and
there are plenty – so do not worry about them being in use!

Production Haus have changing rooms with full shower and locker facilities for both men and women.

We also have a daycare on site for children up to the age of 6 and we serve drip coffee
by Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

There is so much more and a full range of advisory business services and consultancy on offer as well – please enquire if you wish to know more about these services.

We have highlighted a summary of our main services below:

  •  Unlimited 24/7 Access
  •  Unlimited Studio Classes
  •  Qualified Person Trainer
  •  Extremely Fast Internet (1GB)
  •  Reception & Concierge Services
  •  Fully Furnished Offices
  •  Conference Rooms
  •  Private Phone Booths
  •  On-Site Personal Care Services
  •  Business Address stamp; Mail Service
  •  Bike Storage & Day Lockers
  •  Keyless Entry stamp; Video Security
  •  Unlimited Printing stamp; Scanning
  •  Help Desk Support
  •  Weekly Events
  •  Unique Member Benefits stamp; Discounts
  •  Daycare Centre for Children up to the Age of 6
  •  Drip Coffee