Here at ‘My Production Haus’ – we are striving to create the perfect environment to instigate creativity in your business.

Production Haus’s workspace design features private offices, in a variation of sizes and shapes, allowing
a comfortable and ample space for teams of 1-50+, surrounded with acoustically enhanced glass walls and decorated partitions in order to create a sense of compartmentation and ensure privacy for each individual office space.

Communal areas throughout the entire building benefit from a distinct bespoke aesthetic and bright vibe to inspire your team and encompass the sense of individuality but as part of a collective movement.

It has been designed in order to put all guests you bring into the building at ease with a
the feeling of comfort and warmth.

  • We wanted to create something more than just a beautiful, cool, shared office space.
  •  We wanted to build a community where start-ups can thrive in New York City, it
    can be a hard place to cement your business when you are first starting out, (we
    know – we’ve been there!)
  • A place you can join as a company when you are just starting out and finding your feet in the hectic world of business. We are always here for lend a helping hand or a willing ear!
  •  Where we can create the story of doing something big, something that matters,(don’t forget us when you make it to the top!).
  •  We wanted a place where we could redefine the success of start-ups.
  •  We are thinking about every facet of what your business needs, not just the bottom line.

Production Haus clients are our catalyst; you are what drive us.