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Here at ‘My Production Haus’ – we are striving to create the perfect environment to instigate creativity in your business.

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We understand how important it is to always look your best for every meeting; you never know where it could lead!

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We are thinking about every facet of what your business needs, not just the bottom line.

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The space is innovative, yet adaptable for my business.


Our office space is the ideal size and the service we receive is always excellent. Part of the reason we chose to move in was the unbelievable benefits package and it has really helped to create a positive and vibrant working environment. Working close by to other start-ups and professionals with similar mindsets makes this feel like a real community.


I recently moved in to the building with my latest start up venture, and I haven't looked back. The Production Haus team has made my business feel incredibly welcome and is always on hand to support us. Could not have asked for a better surrounding to grow my business.

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Production Haus
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